Jennifer Sol

Rookie (a sun bathed day in the middle of winter / the streets of imagination)

Biography of Jennifer Sol

me, what a debatable subject
some would say that i am shy
some would say otherwise
while few dislike me
a great many befriend me
athletic or no? you can decide
creative or unimaginative?
that is your descision not mine
i cannot tell you who i am
only you can form your own
image of me, true or false
it is what you think and no one
can take that away from you

Jennifer Sol's Works:

maybe if i could actually finish one, just possibly then it could be published, a very distant possiblity but one nonetheless Updates

My Dearest Mother

You and me, though I came from your womb
We get along as well as storms and sunshine
You are the fuse and I am soon to explode
I am the bullet waiting in the chamber
You pull the trigger and I shoot out
Why is it we cannot exist peacefully?

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