Jennifer Woodland

Jennifer Woodland Poems

1. Steady Pace 5/26/2005
2. Secrets 10/31/2005
3. Friends 10/31/2005
4. Lost 11/6/2005
5. Him 2/25/2006
6. I Don'T Know You 2/25/2006
7. My Past 3/28/2006
8. Miss You 3/28/2006
9. Poison 3/28/2006
10. Indescribable Feelings 6/20/2006
11. Silence 5/26/2005
12. The Dance 6/24/2006
13. Illusions Of Happiness 9/7/2006
14. Amazed 9/13/2006
15. Too Distracted 9/27/2006
16. Missed Love 10/2/2006
17. All Coming Back 10/2/2006
18. Mirrored Heart 10/18/2006
19. How 11/14/2006
20. This Can'T Go On 12/13/2006
21. White Cold Hell 2/13/2007
22. You Just Left 2/13/2007
23. Twin Soul Pain 9/28/2006
24. The One I Hunger For 5/26/2005
25. Not Here 2/25/2006
26. Nature's Cure 8/17/2005
27. The Need 8/17/2005
28. Feelings In The Night 9/16/2005
29. No One Cares 10/27/2005
30. Goodnight 6/24/2006
31. Confused Questioning 8/30/2006

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Best Poem of Jennifer Woodland

Confused Questioning

Have I come too far
To turn back now
Will this be my only love
My heart and mind constantly fight
Who is right
Should I stay or go
Do I love you or not
What is love
Am I insane for questioning
Or insane for staying
Why am I questioning
Should I have sooner
What is love
Am I really in it
Do you question love
I don't know what to do
My heart and mind find no peace
I have to choose
Though I'm afraid both will hurt.

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The One I Hunger For

You're not the one I hunger for
You just got to me first. I
Love you but not like you love me.
Somethings change. I thought
I needed you. I wanted you, but
Now I realize I just need
Someone. I don't have the heart
To tell you. You're not the
One I hunger for, you just got

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