Jenny Anderson

Rookie (may 3 94 / MGH)

Biography of Jenny Anderson

country girl. awesome friends. i love them all so dearly. all around im an outgoing loving girl. im all for peace lol. no fighting for me please. and minus the drama. i love writing poems and drawing. but also with those two things i dont ever show anyone. so this is like a big step for me. i hope my poems are good. its a good way for me to let out my emotions. anywho. thats enough about me for now lol. bye guys. Updates


Im told sorry.
But is it ment?
Or words just used to fill the silence.
Why is it when I say sorry im called a liar?
Or told to stop?
I believe that word has lost its meaning.
People dont say it because they're truly sorry.
They say it just to say it.
Like after they hear a heartbreaking story,

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