Jenny Molloy

Rookie (24/2/1993 / dublin)

Biography of Jenny Molloy

i grow up in a small town in dublin.
i still live here and am very happy and live with family.
from a small age i loved storys and poems.
i have wrote many short storys but poems are me dream. i can get away from the world by writeing.
i love it!
i feel as if i can get me feelings accross more cleary by writeing. if i am sad or happy i write. all moods i am in i pick up the lap top or a pen and it just comes out. i also have wrote a few songs that have been read by a few people and hope to further that path. Updates

Never Forget You

A year has gone now, but not a day passes by when I don’t think of your old happy ways.
The endless story’s that mam used to tell, the ones that aren’t talked about now.
The laughs and jokes we try holding onto, the pain and tears we try letting go.
We remember the old friends that did appear, and the flowers that they did send.
The messages of sadness that we did reserve, to let us know were not alone.
When I first saw you lying there, as I held my mothers hand, I knew something was missi

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