Jenny Molloy

Rookie (24/2/1993 / dublin)

Biography of Jenny Molloy

i grow up in a small town in dublin.
i still live here and am very happy and live with family.
from a small age i loved storys and poems.
i have wrote many short storys but poems are me dream. i can get away from the world by writeing.
i love it!
i feel as if i can get me feelings accross more cleary by writeing. if i am sad or happy i write. all moods i am in i pick up the lap top or a pen and it just comes out. i also have wrote a few songs that have been read by a few people and hope to further that path. Updates

The Rock

A rock stands still, it can not move.
The wave’s come in, slowly droning.
One day it happened to change.
No more wave’s.
No more rock’s.
You saved me from a life of pain.
I now am free to hold my head up high.
I can listen to the birds in the sky.
I can now smell the sweet smell of the breeze in the meadow.

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