Jenny Molloy

Rookie (24/2/1993 / dublin)

Jenny Molloy Poems

1. Never Forget You 4/26/2009
2. My Alone Death! 5/3/2009
3. Last Night! 5/3/2009
4. Far Away Home 5/3/2009
5. Tomorrow 5/3/2009
6. I Hate You! ! ! 5/6/2009
7. Crash! ! ! 5/7/2009
8. Treasure Chest! 5/8/2009
9. Roxanne My Dear Friend 4/27/2009
10. Mistress 5/2/2009
11. You 5/9/2009
12. I Miss It Al! 5/18/2009
13. Vinny! ! 5/20/2009
14. I Promass My Self! ! 5/23/2009
15. Unamed 5/23/2009
16. My Lies 5/24/2009
17. I Have A Name! ! ! 7/13/2009
18. My Angel 10/23/2009
19. Remember No More. 10/5/2010
20. My Year! ! 5/19/2009
21. Phone Call.. 5/8/2009
22. Squeeze 5/6/2009
23. The House 4/26/2009
24. The Rock 4/26/2009
25. The Last Year! ! ! 5/19/2009
26. Please Dont Leave Me! 5/3/2009
27. Hero 4/26/2009
28. Love Dies 5/20/2009
29. Knock 4/26/2009
Best Poem of Jenny Molloy


Standing out side the door to unhappiness I took my last breath of freedom.
I would of done any thing to run.
A million questions left unanswered.
Knock, please lord help me.
Knock, I held back my tears.
I could almost see your heart brake, your sole crush, your little bit of faith was gone.
I hold on to the pain of telling you, I can remember my words clearly.
I hate the fact I had to tell you.
But I just could not lie.
I had to take every thing away from you that cold morning.
The sadness over trough me, it all happened so fast.
A few words change a ...

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My hero is not a like the rest, mine has changed over the years.
A 5years old would say a cartoon creation, children are inanest, they don’t know my pain.
At the age of 9 its manly a fiction carter from moves, but there not real, they are only imaginary.
As a teen we don’t use hero’s in every day life, there to child like.
I do not have a hero, I’m driftnet than them.
Mine is not fiction. Mine is not real.
I cant feel your skin any more.
You are not here.
You left me alone, in the cold

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