Jenny .V.

Rookie (Dec.18,1993 / Newport beach, CA)

Biography of Jenny .V.

I am a regular eleven year old who loves poetry. I write about everything, and I write about nothing. If you want to check out my poetry, i don't really know how. but so far, I have submitted 2 poems. they are called 'that frog' and 'my best friend' I will probably add more.

Jenny .V.'s Works:

I am only eleven years old! Do you know any eleven year olds who have published books? Updates

That Frog

Give me a chance to feel your pain, give me a chance to feel the same. Maybe I am an idiot, but maybe I am just feeling it. Sometimes do you feel this way? Oh I do every single day.
You said that you wanted to get to know me, how much longer do you really need?
How about tomorrow, how about today? You are streaching my heart, like elastic in a way. You walk off today, behind you is no trace, but no tears will be staining my face.
One day you are on AOL, the next day you are not. You said

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