Jerameel Barrameda

Rookie (August 22,1993)

Biography of Jerameel Barrameda

Good Day,

My name is Jerameel Barrameda and im 18 Years old, writing a poem is one of my hobby, i like to spend my free time on writing it.

Since high school i publish different kinds of poem, about love, honor, hope etc.

I have faith in God and almost my poem are including His name. I write also a Poem about my master which is God, Jesus Christ.

Godbless to all i hope you like it and appreciate.: D Updates

A Sonatine To Arielle

It was the beginning of all my mysteries
Something that wraps around me and i carries,
The heart between depths of a brokenness
Love that last but no Happiness

Silence across the wind cast as it goes and fade
I have no choice my answer is evade
But God did'nt let the pain across my Memories
Until i found You and it was the end of all mysteries

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