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Rookie (2/16/89 / Las Vegas, Neveda)

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I am Jeremy I like music. I play in a metal band, but thats not all i listen to. anyway i love writing and reasing favorite authors: Charlie LeDuff, Bukoski, Vonnegut, Hemingway, Hunter s. Thompson, Klosterman, Dovetskie, ect... i know i spelt some of those wrong, but I'm not a good speller. I like very dark stuff when it comes to everything, not because i am depressed, well i might be, but it's jsut whats pleasing to me. Updates

Yesterdays Man

I awoke wtih regret;
I awoke soaked in swet,
Not by a dream, but by the thoughts.
The thoughts of guilt and pain,
And today it will be the same.
Now thats pleasure.

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