Jeremy Larner

Jeremy Larner Quotes

  • ''The polls say we are within three points. We haven't made many converts, but we sure have made a lot of undecided.''
    Jeremy Larner, U.S. screenwriter. Lucas (Peter Boyle), The Candidate, addressing campaign workers (1972).
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  • ''For some people, their idea of getting tough is longer suspended sentences.''
    Jeremy Larner, U.S. screenwriter. Senator Crocker Jarman (Don Porter), The Candidate, conservative senatorial candidate talking about crime (1972).
  • ''He's a man who shoots from the hip. And a man who's hip when he shoots.''
    Jeremy Larner, U.S. screenwriter. Banquet master of ceremonies (Pat Harrington, Jr.), The Candidate, introducing Senate candidate Bill McKay (Robert Redford) at a fundraising banquet (1972).

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