Jeri Martindale

Veteran Poet - 1,223 Points (12/19/1980 / ElDorado, AR)

Biography of Jeri Martindale

I began writing when I was 15 as a way to cope with life. It is hard to believe I have been writing for 18 plus years of my life. As I have matured, my writing matured as well. I absolutely love for words to spill from my mind to paper. I have not shared many of my poems. My life has not been easy, but I remain positive that all will be fine no matter how tough life gets.I enjoy writing about nature,
love, loss, and dreams. Updates

When I Saw My Life

I was sitting in the dark when I finally saw the light, hoping that it could heal me; I reached out for my life.

I looked at it with no regrets, once I saw my life, hoping no matter how I lived that I had done it right.

I felt all that it possessed once I touched my life; smiling from here to the stars at what I saw last night.

I thought about the bad things that happened in my life, knowing they were good things that lead me through the strife.

I finally saw my future while I he

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