Jeri Martindale

Veteran Poet - 1,192 Points (12/19/1980 / ElDorado, AR)

Biography of Jeri Martindale

I began writing when I was 15 as a way to cope with life. It is hard to believe I have been writing for 18 plus years of my life. As I have matured, my writing matured as well. I absolutely love for words to spill from my mind to paper. I have not shared many of my poems. My life has not been easy, but I remain positive that all will be fine no matter how tough life gets.I enjoy writing about nature,
love, loss, and dreams. Updates

Walking My Path

Seeking all I can get out of my path of life; knowledge fullfillment, paradise!

I feel if I hold my arms out to it all, I might stay on the path that I climb; I'm learning how to balance now, I realized if I can't hold onto it all that I begin slipping, taking a fall.

The good, the bad, the right, no wrongs. How would I learn anything if I didn't allow myself to experience it all as I walk the road that I am on?

I hold so many things inside my soul, my body is balance, my heart is w

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