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i keep to myself and dont have many friends a girl i love suggested i put my poems online and she made me promise i'd do it and well this is my chance so i took it they aren't good but its how i feel and what i think so i hope you like my poems as much as my friend does, I grew up with a hard life, who didn't but sometimes I feel mine coulda been better but i'm proud of it none the less it was better than some peoples lives so I can't complain. I've scarred myself to remind me of my faults and mistakes but I don't fear it or hate it yet I embrace the pain and feelings to find a new answer for ppl just like me who are lost and alone and don't know what to do and don't have someone to help them. People look at me like i'm different but thats because I am I purposely dress different than others i try to stand-out not to get attention but to be someone different to be something different ppl always dress the same act the same talk the same so I chose to break the cycle instead of being someone else i'm being me I wanna be who I am and I say screw anyone that doesn't like that you should always be yourself don't try to be someone your not you won't get anywhere in life. If you pay attention you'll see theres over a billion ppl just like me with their own messed up lives yet we put on our fake smiles and press on trying to make the best of everyday while we still have the chance and with this i say good luck to all and don't judge ppl by how they look because we are so much more on the inside than what ppl see on the outside. Updates

My Mistakes...

I'm sorry for all the mistakes i've made
Your my Angel
My life you have saved,
With this do as you please
But don't forget it
I love you so much
Will you please forgive me? ,
These mistakes you may not know
But if you look for them then they will show,

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