jerine james

Biography of jerine james

Iam a self made person. Very social, but dangerous too.. now mother of one.

very happy and jovial to know people, culture etc... love and respect those people who have passed in my life and helped me be me today...

gal full of gratitude and have not forgotten roots. Devotional and prayerful..which is the key to my success in life. ABOVE ALL MY PARENTS AND BROTHER.. tons and tons of love and thanks to them for making

Love to dream and listen to music soothening my ears... arrogant and very out spoken.. doesnot care wether it hurts another... straight from the heart.. thats all now.. well there is lots about me Updates

Beautiful Golden Nature

The bright moon fades away into the white sky,
She cries ……. Tears trickle down her face
Earth rises………what an aroma!

She is quite today
Beautiful and calm, bringing joy and peace to our hearts,
She has been though struggles and strain
Tortures without any gain.