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What's My Name

what's my name, my sweet,
as i stand in a cloud of the undream
and lingering thought
that strays from me.

what's my name, my luve,
for it has been gone to long,
you yell and; and i turn,
and then i see a face with a smile,
and then you one heart,

my one heart she says,
what a sweet name my ears have heard
then i kiss thee
my luve;
my sweet;
my one heart, is my name that shes given me

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Old Car

I pass by it everyday after school,
and i see my dad's old car sitting in the drive,
i has cought some rust,
and the tires are worm and flat.
the windshield is cracked
and you can see through the bottom floor,
and flowers are growing out of it,
then i went to my dad and asked why,
why do you keep holding on to a old car,