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121. Showers 8/27/2013
122. On A Night So Profound As This I Open A Book 8/28/2013
123. What Will The Future Bring? 8/29/2013
124. Death 8/30/2013
125. My Death 8/30/2013
126. 'Hey I Know You, You’re The Guy Who Sold Me The Jag! ” 9/3/2013
127. Moments Tuned In 9/3/2013
128. Seashell 9/4/2013
129. Limelight Crossing 9/7/2013
130. Touching Delicate Torching Plams 5/20/2013
131. Karmaintoxication 9/16/2013
132. Onion March 9/16/2013
133. Revolving Stage 10/9/2013
134. The Eye Of A Needle 4/4/2013
135. In Your Eyes Its Alchemy 10/11/2013
136. Mental Muscle For L. 10/11/2013
137. Always Our Soul 10/16/2013
138. Courtney 10/25/2013
139. Verdigris 11/22/2013
140. Holiday Fire 12/19/2013
141. Waiting For My Soul To Return 1/2/2014
142. Four Hours Until You Break 1/2/2014
143. Bitter Taste 1/2/2014
144. Five Miles 1/3/2014
145. Uncut And Real 1/4/2014
146. Some Days 1/11/2014
147. Mormon Parade 1/2/2014
148. Soup Kitche 1/25/2014
149. I Don'T Want To Be Rich… Rudiments Of A Killing Floor. Semblance Of A Dream. 1/28/2014
150. I Don'T Want To Be Richr. I Don'T Want To Be Rich… Rudiments Of A Killing Floor. Semblance Of A Dream.Semblance Of A Dream. 1/28/2014
151. Slams 1/30/2014
152. Now And Forever 2/12/2014
153. Needle 4/2/2014
154. I Like To Get Drunk And Play The Keys 4/30/2014
155. Old Man Prism 5/13/2014
156. Townie 6/9/2014
157. Ocean Wine 6/20/2014
158. Earth Holds 6/24/2014
159. Scantalope. 1/30/2013
160. Hunger 8/25/2013

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Dear Courtney

I have decided to skip the cold derelict night and stay inside where I am still fairly warm.
Totally digging you tonight! our dates seem to end up running away from us and too soon,
I could chat with you all day long and still feel like I need to dig you more,
You make me happy and I feel we understand each other well and right now at this very moment in my life I feel at peace and everything feels right.
I don't miss you becuase I look foreword to the day I can visit you and feel like no time has passed but feel our relationship strong as ever and still growing like i have ...

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The Sea Deceives Me

The pages of the calendar fall to the ground,
crunch crunch crunch under our feet,
grinding themselves to dust.
Hours and numbers, days and months cover the earth with mosaic colors
as if a tempest had broken open a damn and they flood out into our fields, we rake them up, unspoken we burn them, we stuff them in threadbare and patchy clothing, we make scarecrows up to look like our former selves,
others we stuff in gutters and drains.
There are pages from a hundred years back in som

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