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161. Wind 8/25/2013
162. Skid Row 1/22/2014
163. Moving In To 131 7/1/2014
164. Stinky Steve 7/11/2014
165. Season Affair 7/11/2014
166. Dreamscape 7/11/2014
167. Footloose And Ecocide Free 7/14/2014
168. End To Dichotomy 7/14/2014
169. Bop 7/14/2014
170. Twelve Steps To The Sun 7/16/2014
171. Youth Can See It 7/21/2014
172. Between The Bars 7/26/2014
173. Window Beneath My Bed 7/27/2014
174. A Piece Of Apple Browning And Skin Peeling Off 7/30/2014
175. Nose Dive 7/30/2014
176. Peacock 8/3/2014
177. Dreaming Of Castles 8/4/2014
178. Madness 8/5/2014
179. Thunder Bop 7/4/2014
180. The Devil Tattood My Left Hand 7/9/2014
181. Le Petite Mort 7/9/2014
182. Lord 7/9/2014
183. Blondell Blondies 7/9/2014
184. Skid Row! 1/22/2014
185. My Mind Is A Bull 1/24/2014
186. Square Peg,,In A Round Hole 1/17/2014
187. The Darkness 12/19/2012
188. Niku 11/14/2012
189. Like I Being Shot By A Diamond 10/24/2012
190. She Opened Her Legs... To Let The Light In 10/22/2012
191. Naked In The Color Splash 9/2/2012
192. Maine Woods 8/23/2012
193. Masculine Feminine 8/11/2013
194. Snare Drum 7/1/2014
195. Ceo (Creed Executive Officer) 6/26/2014
196. Mooch Winnipeg 7/9/2014
197. Life Among The Dying Earth 10/7/2013
198. On Writing A Novel Pt 2 8/27/2012
199. And This Is Richmond 1/30/2013
200. Piñata 7/11/2013
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Dear Courtney

I have decided to skip the cold derelict night and stay inside where I am still fairly warm.
Totally digging you tonight! our dates seem to end up running away from us and too soon,
I could chat with you all day long and still feel like I need to dig you more,
You make me happy and I feel we understand each other well and right now at this very moment in my life I feel at peace and everything feels right.
I don't miss you becuase I look foreword to the day I can visit you and feel like no time has passed but feel our relationship strong as ever and still growing like i have ...

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The Rebel

Lauren I wander wounded-like, this labyrinth that has cut me with broken bottles,
and I have seen the moon blush which whimpers purple shades around our weathered alter.

Remember that alter I feigned for you?
Though Ive breathed through and swallowed bundles of smoke for you, the signals I feathered and fashioned towards you?


Laying in our gourmet grotto at the brink of a pernicious pool, Indian summer? Me reading to you, readings echoing through the cypress like whipser

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