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201. Mooch Winnipeg 7/9/2014
202. Snare Drum 7/1/2014
203. On Writing A Novel Pt 2 8/27/2012
204. And This Is Richmond 1/30/2013
205. Life Among The Dying Earth 10/7/2013
206. Piñata 7/11/2013
207. Tiger Lillies 7/5/2013
208. Viva Mas 8/25/2012
209. Give Her A Little Freaky Freaky She Looks Frustrated 12/21/2012
210. Walking Walking Walking 8/22/2013
211. Frottage Heavy Petting Mutual Masturbation 11/14/2012
212. Cats Cradle! Cats Cradle 1/22/2013

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Cats Cradle! Cats Cradle

Upon our first meeting I began to rhyme.
You sucked the saliva from my tongue, then hid away
when I came up on you clumsily stumbling
you grabbed my pupils and hindered me,
closed me, and inspired me,
but you ever failed to tempt me.

My shoulders bare of savage sands took you by surprise,
the freckles played games in the lolling sea.
and it could not pull us apart, you and me.

Your body began to quiver when the gusts arrived.
with conspiracy behind moonlight and mountain.
Spilling droplets with slang stinging drag.
In time. They all took a stab...

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The Rebel

Lauren I wander wounded-like, this labyrinth that has cut me with broken bottles,
and I have seen the moon blush which whimpers purple shades around our weathered alter.

Remember that alter I feigned for you?
Though Ive breathed through and swallowed bundles of smoke for you, the signals I feathered and fashioned towards you?


Laying in our gourmet grotto at the brink of a pernicious pool, Indian summer? Me reading to you, readings echoing through the cypress like whipser

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