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Before Adam

Before Adam's first election
Must have been the thought of Eve
Nothing less than pure perfection
Should he so easily deceive

Before Cain fain claimed his brother
There was gain and thus defeat
Before Jacob conned his feeble father
and Esau took that bite to eat

Before Aaron's staff stretched fateful
When a night light led the way
Only then a remnant are found faithful
And just those few allowed to stay

Before Moses dreaded Zion's thunders
There were visions of how it ends
We kick the pricks against our blunders
And refuse half the help ...

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Around and around I navigate, from small town to sleepy city
Forward, then sideways, I back-paddle now; bobbing from same to same
Rarely the 'chosen one' anymore; I'm so seldom considered pretty
Always the last chosen; a rag-armed fielder in a sandlot game

Over and over once again, Red Duck Drake is the foremost pick
Or one of my slutty sisters; younger than myself, more agile
And damn those outlandish NewKids; those quacks from the blue duck clique
No one harbors any nostalgia, for one

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