Jerry Buckley

Rookie (08/07/57 / Tennessee)

Biography of Jerry Buckley

As William Matthews so aptly observed, most published poems fall into one of four basic categories:
1. I had a nice, almost religious day in the woods
this afteroon
2. We're not getting any younger
3. Sure is cold and lonely without you (or with you)
4. Sadness and happiness are but two sides of
same coin: and in any case the coin is
'too soon spent and on we know not what'.

I'd have to admit most of my poetic attempts have fallen neatly into one of the above-mentioned categories. Not blessed with an over-abundance of immagination, I have to go with what I know: rhythmic and figurative language infused with splatterings of the more blatant poetic devices.

I began writing poetry somewhere along mid-life and have kept in-play almost fifty, one-page poems and the manuscript for an allegorical novel about victory and atonement; 'Roll The Gospel Chariot' Visit my blog site for a sneak preview: http: //

If it doesn't flow, please let me know. Updates

Before Adam

Before Adam's first election
Must have been the thought of Eve
Nothing less than pure perfection
Sould he so easily deceive

Before Cain fain claimed his brother
There was gain and thus defeat
Before Jacob conned his feeble father
and Issac took that bite to eat

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