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Frankly it's a miracle I can write. Born dyslexic I had to be a dunce at school, and I was. Persistence, and a little voice within told me I could learn just as well at the school of hard knocks, and I did.

What you'll read in my writing is a gaggle of experiences, love, lust, hurt and pain. My loathing of war, especially the miserable bastards who promote and profit by it.

Also a life-long support for the not so fortunate with whom I relate. If you find a spelling mistake or two, that's the way flip flops.

jerry hughes's Works:

You Did Alright Kid
Bits & Pieces
Goodbyes Aren't Easy
Hard Labour Updates

The Horror

Her naked body peeling as she ran
mouth wide open, screaming in fear and pain.
This image of a Vietnamese girl-child,
an innocent victim of a a napalm attack,
made the front page of newspapers
all around the world.
Still the war sent on.
Children died.
Mothers grieved.
The photographer won an award.

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