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jerry hughes Poems

1. Remembering David 5/11/2007
2. Shadows 11/10/2007
3. Seasons 11/15/2007
4. Semantics 12/1/2007
5. Minus Howard 12/15/2007
6. Illicit 1/11/2008
7. Supplication 1/19/2008
8. Urbie 1/25/2008
9. Sign Of The Times 1/30/2008
10. Reflection 3/10/2008
11. For 'Tieeri' 4/4/2008
12. Tis So 11/9/2008
13. Big C 1/25/2010
14. They 1/25/2010
15. Victory 1/25/2010
16. What's It All About Mal? 1/26/2010
17. Goodbyes Aren'T Easy 1/26/2010
18. Bagatelle 1/26/2010
19. Seventy Two 1/27/2010
20. It Is Writ 1/27/2010
21. Prophecy 1/29/2010
22. Vale Ronald Ryan (Febuary 1976) 1/30/2010
23. Sun Woman 2/7/2010
24. Kerry Packer Haiku 4/10/2007
25. Gargantuan 4/10/2007
26. Hoddle Street 4/10/2007
27. Nothing Sacred 4/11/2007
28. Raptor * 5/4/2007
29. The Numbers Game 5/11/2007
30. Rommy 3/14/2012
31. Persona Non Grata 4/10/2007
32. Wombat 2/9/2010
33. Never The Twain 2/2/2010
34. Progress On Peace? 1/31/2010
35. Saloth Sar Aka Pol Pot 12/5/2007
36. Bloody Disgrace 2/3/2010
37. Jacemo 4/7/2007
38. For A Dancer 4/7/2007
39. Idiot 2/9/2010
40. In The Beginnig 4/10/2007

Comments about jerry hughes

  • Jerry Hughes (7/24/2012 1:07:00 AM)

    Thank you Nyi, Kim, Eddie, Leslie, belove Alison, Onelia, Little Blue Bird, Ashley n' all for you kind words,

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  • Nyia Schultz (7/13/2010 8:18:00 PM)

    Jerry your poems are definately an inspiration to me.

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  • Kimberly Fine (11/8/2009 5:46:00 PM)

    I just wanted to tell you that - 'a few words of a kind' was so beautiful and gives me hope..

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  • Eddie Roa (1/25/2009 2:00:00 AM)

    Jerry, I received my first uncomplementing comment on my poemstoday and it was from you. It serves me right to have been a bit shoddy with my writing and to be too quick to have it published here in Poemhunter. I may not agree with all that you said but I do admire the candidness by which you have assessed my poem. I've been spoiled by the usual polite comments which really lead me to a fool's paradise. I learned from your frankness.
    Thanks and with much admiration I remain,

    Eddie Roa

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  • Leslie Ching (12/23/2008 1:04:00 AM)

    I don't think I have the right to judge people who have been in the world longer than I have, but I do hope my opinion matters to them, personally. Compared to most, I'm a tiny fraction of their age, and not very wise in terms of experience, but this is one thing all readers know-Jerry Hughes writes from his heart and always has the right words for what he wants to say. I've had one mentor in my short life so far, but from hereon, I have two...

    A reader always,
    -Leslie Ching-

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  • Jerry Hughes (11/1/2008 2:52:00 AM)

    No my darling, I'm not the bravest man you've met, cos any bravery I have comes from your devotion to me. Thank you...

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  • Alison Cassidy (6/19/2008 8:14:00 AM)

    Jerry Hughes is the bravest man I've met. I know, because I've been sitting by his bedside for what seems like forever watching him. I've witnessed his terror on the morning of surgery, his slowly dawning realization that half of him was missing, his agonizing, perplexing and always frustrating journey through the glitches of post ICU and his abiding determination that he's going to 'come back' from it all. I am privileged to be able to keep his bed warm while he's in rehab and I look forward for however long it takes to having him home with his family at Craig Avenue.

    Darling jerry. I have never loved you more. Your Allie Pie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ And a big kiss too from Ella, Rommy and Sadie.

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  • Onelia Avelar (6/6/2008 4:11:00 AM)

    ...and Vise Verse: readers also do care for Jerry Hughes...

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  • ~A Little Blue Bird~ ~A Little Blue Bird~ (4/27/2008 8:30:00 PM)

    Jerry Hughes really does care.

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  • Ashley S (2/9/2008 2:59:00 PM)

    Ah, Jerry. A hugely honest poet with such great charisma and character about his work. I so prefer a poet of his caliber to those that write bullshit hallmark pretty portrait poems. You'll get none of that here. Honest, well thought out poetry is what you'll get. He delves into many subjects and can back up each one of them. Please, write more! ! Much love, Ashley xoxoxoxo

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Best Poem of jerry hughes

A Message To My Father

My beloved father, the last time we met
in company with your confidant and friend Abu,
we spoke of many things.
Most importantly the history I'd lost in the
half century of not being your son.

You surrendered me for expediency
because you were a man of peace.
The circumstances of then made me who I am,
and not necessarily the son you wanted;
But that's another story.

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Nil Desperandum

It was cold and wet
and there he was,
sitting on a park bench,
sorting his worldly posessions
into a plastic bag.

A book of poetry,
a comb,
darned socks,