jerry hughes Poems

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Hot Summer Night

It was stifling in bed yet you
lay with a sheet undulating
with your breath, like a sail
in a gentle breeze.

For The Stolen Generations

By decree we stole their birthright.
Little heathens in our christian eyes.

Within The Width Of My Hands

Now all I can encompass is
within the width of my hands.
I miss the colours of the seasons
and the force of nature's will.

In The Name Of The Father

In the name of the Father,
Crusaders sallied forth
raping and murdering.

Bleak House

I used to pass it on my way to school,
an eerie place with a tumbled-down fence
and gates that groaned on windy days.


We of the human race do solemnly swear,
we will not perish by nuclear holocaust or
any other wrath.

Outside Dunny

If you didn't spend time in the bush
during the middle of the last century,
you wouldn't understand the significance
of the 'outside dunny.'

Much Loved

'For Alison'

I know you well much loved,
through the peaks and valleys

The Dream

She rode the stallion bareback,
pressed against his spine.
They galloped free together,
it simply blew her mind.

For Wilfred Owen 1893-1918

'When lo! An angel called him out of heaven,
Saying, Lay not a hand upon that lad,
But the old man would not so, but slew his son,
And half the seed of Europe, one by one.'