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I Cried

I cried the stars that lit no sky
I poured my heart like sand
I watched from balconies of hope
as smiles seeped through my hand
I viewed as gospel, bible tales
and pulled the covers tight
a warmth that clung like silver spun
emotions glazed in night
another me, sat wondering
confetti goodbyes blew
and strawberry vendettas
glistened scents where none was due
I pulled my self together
by the strings that wove my soul
and then I wept again, those stars
that washed my heart in gold.

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Hey, I Love You

Hey, I Love You

We exchange life,
looking for familiar technicalities,
closet agendas to laminate,
beneath our spilling words.
Each damp line,
scooped delicately from the trough,
and moistened in old teachings.