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Jess Poems

1. Over You 7/1/2006
2. 'Untitled' 8/1/2006
3. Let You Go 5/7/2008
4. Broken Hearts&&Torn Up Letters 5/11/2008
5. One And Only 7/2/2007
6. Meant To Me 7/2/2007
7. Gone For Good 6/20/2006
8. Addicted 6/20/2006
9. Your Hugs 7/5/2006
10. This Girl 7/18/2006
11. Fade Away 7/18/2006
12. Me, My Fragile Self And I 7/27/2006
13. Story Of My Life 7/31/2006
14. Waiting For You 6/21/2006
15. Anti-Drug 6/22/2006
16. Let Me Be 6/22/2006
17. Tattered&&Torn 6/19/2006
18. Free 6/23/2006
19. Anymore 6/4/2006
20. Im Sorry 6/7/2006
21. Boys 6/8/2006
22. Little Kid 6/8/2006
23. Pain 6/23/2006
24. All Alone 6/21/2006
25. Cut 7/5/2006
26. Memories 7/5/2006
27. Going Crazy 7/1/2006
28. Cut To Deep 6/7/2006

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Best Poem of Jess

Cut To Deep

Blood dripping from her wrist
Trying to remember why she slit
Cold tears slowly fall from her broken eyes
Why is she always wanting to die

She doesn't deserve to live this sad life
Her heart has been broken to many times
Depression has overcome her happiness
The life in her is dying

She crys herself to sleep each night
She awakes each morning
Hoping she had died in her sleep
Cause her days get worse by the minute

Her wrist is covered in crimson red blood
She Can not breath
Her sad life flashes before her eyes
And she Dies
She had cut ...

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Little Kid

I Wanna be a little kid again
Skinned knees Healed quicker
Than Broken Hearts
I use to cry over broken toys
But now I cry over losing boys
Mummy and Daddy use to think I was cute
Now I feel as if they hate me
Money, clothes and boys is all I really want
When I was a kid it was

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