Jesse Artley

Rookie (11-13-92 / Mt. Vernon, Kentucky)

Jesse Artley Poems

1. A Long Lost Dream 11/29/2009
2. Just Another Waste 12/15/2009
3. A Reflection Of Nothing 1/4/2010
4. Love Is Just Another Form Of Suicide 1/16/2010
5. You 11/22/2010
6. Empty Horizons 12/25/2010
7. Untitled 4/16/2007
8. Us 4/2/2011
9. The Frozen Flame 12/10/2011
10. Love Long Gone 1/2/2012
11. No More Games 1/9/2012
12. Over This 1/12/2012
13. Restless Soul 4/9/2012
14. Hanging Up The Noose 9/19/2012
15. Dear John 1/15/2012
16. Sorry 1/17/2012
17. My Own Selfish Pride 9/20/2012
18. Why? 1/16/2006
19. The Story Of Another Lost Soul 8/30/2009
20. Bitter Memories 12/31/2011
21. What Is Depression 1/17/2006
22. Love's Redemption 6/9/2012

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Best Poem of Jesse Artley

Love's Redemption

I can beg you to not go, plead for you to not leave;
But truth is I'd still be here if you did
Confused and heartbroken, but eventually I'd be able to breathe
I don't care what I deserve or how much better I could do,
Maybe you just don't know how many years I've been waiting to
Be the one lucky enough to get to be with you
Even if I'm not able to explain this overwhelming feeling that's in me,
I'll keep trying to; I promise it's there and always will be
Maybe it's just me, or maybe something the Army did,
All that matters to me anymore is that I'm with you in ...

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What Is Depression

Sadness after lossing a loved one
Blaming yourself for what happened
Anger at yourself
Giving yourself pressure
Madness at everything
Hating what you once loved
Wearing black everyday
Sad all the time
Storing your thoughts and feelings
Wanting to be alone.

That Is Depression

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