Jesse Ellsbury

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Jesse Ellsbury Poems

1. Why? 6/25/2013
2. I'Ve Heard It Said 6/25/2013
3. She (A Beautiful Lunatic) 6/25/2013
4. When Devils Are Let Into Heaven 6/25/2013
5. Like A Crown On A King 6/25/2013
6. Torture Devices And Other Toys 6/25/2013
7. Piece Of A Different Puzzle 6/25/2013
8. When You Give Up 6/25/2013
9. In My Later Years 6/25/2013
10. The Warning 6/25/2013
11. Satisfied 6/25/2013
12. Wage War Nuclear 6/25/2013
13. The Televangelist 6/25/2013
14. The Future Here 7/1/2013
15. Prelude To The Seasons 7/1/2013
16. I Have A Secret 6/25/2013
17. You Ask What It's Like (To Be A Writer) 7/12/2013
18. Amethyst Stalactites (How To Fail Like A Pro) 6/25/2013
19. Adept At The Helm 6/25/2013
20. Love Is Not A Shallow Pool 6/25/2013
21. Rose With No Petals 7/12/2013
22. Life Isn'T Black And White, It's Gray 7/12/2013
23. Does A Friendship Fade (When A Friend Goes Away) 7/14/2013
24. Quasimodo - When He Was A Centerfold 7/14/2013
25. Melted Like Candles Together 7/14/2013
26. Wrong Turns In Love 7/15/2013
27. Beautiful Swimmer 7/15/2013
28. If You Fail To Follow The Rules 7/15/2013
29. Apology For Something I Haven'T Done Yet 7/16/2013
30. This Poem Has No Purpose 7/16/2013
31. More Than Covers, More Than Men 7/16/2013
32. Arbeit Macht Frei 7/16/2013
33. You Missed The Point 7/16/2013
34. For What 7/16/2013
35. Get Control Of Life 7/14/2013
36. Don'T Let This Sweet Night Die At Dawn 7/14/2013
37. Like A Shadow In The Sea 7/14/2013
38. No One Admires Anyone Else 7/14/2013
39. Holding The Flowers 7/14/2013
40. Death Ends Here (So Life Can Begin) 7/14/2013

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Even Depressed People Say That They'Re Fine

Depression is something nobody gets,
not even those afflicted with it.
With the sponge on your eyes and the veil on your head,
you’re too busy wond’ring what it’s like to be dead
to even see what’s going on,
when you look at yourself all you see is a pawn
captured too early in the game,
you spend so much time seeking someone to blame
that you never ask what you did to get to that place
where the sun never shines,
where everything is offered and yet nothing is mine.

But you get used to the pain that you feel every day,
and the loneliness leads you ...

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When You Give Up

When you give up,
the thing that you hate wins.
Whatever it is will continue to live
and you’ll be remembered as the one who gave in,
who threw up her hands
when she saw life’s demands
weren’t going anywhere.

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