Jessica Beal

Biography of Jessica Beal

Well, for starters, my name is Jessica Beal. I was born on November 2. I have two sisters, one brother. I have been happily taken since August 22 of 2007. Reading and writing are my favorite past times. Photography is a passion of mine. Personality wise, I'm very loud and crazy, outspoken and opinionated, and sometimes a little shyy.. I'm usually found with a smile on my face :) I want to go to college and become a Speech-Language Pathologist. Updates

Little Reanna

Little Reanna is seven-years-old.
With skinned knees,
And her hair pulled back,
She's as happy as she can be.

Little Reanna is fearless and brave.
Curious to no end,
And as loveable as a puppy,
She runs around content and happy.

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