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I am a twenty one year old female that moved from South Jersey to Myrtle Beach to find myself. I finally trust myself and very pleased with my life and what I have made for me. I have been writing poems with my mother all my life. Its the way I let my emotions run and speak with out words. I never really show or tell anyone of my poems and ushally don't even read them over again. I feel as that its one page of an emotion, life story all in one. A page in a book of life. I believe everyone has a story to tell, were all a bunch of books wanting to be read or put away. My way of showing me is writing. I am not the best, but I love my talent.

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My Mama

For you my wish is no greater love.
You gave me more than I could ever imagine.
From the hugs to the kisses.
To your dreams and wishes.
The stories in bed and play in the day.
My dear Mama the best gift in the world.

To sweet wispers as I weap.
The secrets I shall keep.

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