Jessica Dehn

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Biography of Jessica Dehn

I love to write! Most of the time they are just musing from my mind but every now and again some special spark will help me to transform these musing to something extra, which i hope you will enjoy. I have many intrest in life that fill me with joy, but if i could make a living of dreaming I would! :) I find that the complex nature of people puzzles me the most in life. Although i think of my self as a simple complex person I am not sure that I even understand myself but try hard to do so i hope that i never do. I am a mother of three who enjoys the insanity of motherhood. Updates


Look around.
Do you see that place there?
What do you feel when you see it?
Is it just a plain old place,
nothing special to see?

Look again,
Look without your jaded eyes.
See that place!

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