Jessica Garcia

Rookie (November 5,1993 / L.A.)

Biography of Jessica Garcia

I love my life A true friend, always puts herself down for some reason... I'm kind of a shy person. I love writing poetry & short stories... and VERY open-minded. Heres some advice for anyone: Of course there are times in your life when you think no one loves you everyone is against you, until when you can see how great an impact you can have in someone's life. I discovered that not too long ago. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Don't even let anyone put you down. You're a special person that deserves more in life, or may have already found it. But the MOST fantastic thing, is someone else making a great impact in your life. They are the people who make you laugh to see your smile, to treat you right when you feel useless, and love you when you're feeling alone in this world. WHO KNOWS? I might feel this particular way to a PARTICULAR someone. But you know what stops me, FEAR. Fear always stops me from saying what I really want to say, so don't let fear get in YOUR WAY. Updates

In Love With Love

Are we in love with LOVE?
If we are then how does it feel?
How do we know love is real,
If some don't show a way,
How to say,
Those beautiful words,
'I love you'...

Why are we in love with LOVE?

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