Jessica Helen Mortensen

Biography of Jessica Helen Mortensen

I write from what I see and feel in my own life. I'm kind of like Sylvia Plath and those confessional poets. Not everything that I write is exactly happy. I'm very happy thoug has a person. I play tennis, ride horses, and I'm on the swim team. I enjoy playing the piano and reading and just going out with my friends to have a good time. Updates

Tears Of Desperation

These tears cascade down upon this empty face
I try to stop them and put myself back in place
This expression hides the pain, it’s bottled up inside
I’ve lost all control, now I’m just on for the ride
I’m going down as this pain starts to seep
The secrets are screaming, and these cuts run deep
It’s all in my head, and shows in my eyes
Before this night is done, they will begin to cry
It hurts so badly, it tears at the heart

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