Jessica Helen Mortensen

Biography of Jessica Helen Mortensen

I write from what I see and feel in my own life. I'm kind of like Sylvia Plath and those confessional poets. Not everything that I write is exactly happy. I'm very happy thoug has a person. I play tennis, ride horses, and I'm on the swim team. I enjoy playing the piano and reading and just going out with my friends to have a good time. Updates

My Cry

Where are you now, when I thought you were here
Only I wake to find, that you are no no where near
I cry at night, more and more the tears fall
To an empty pillow, to you I yell and call
It seems you do not hear my heart filled cry
So tonight I'll sit here writing to an empty sky
Pain killers don't work anymore, I need more
To show the smile and to hide the sore
My once beautiful soul is now stained with abuse

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