Jessica Iboy

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Biography of Jessica Iboy

Im 17 years old, i'll be 18 in sept. i love to read and write. i lived in LA for most of my life but now i live in az. i started writing most of my poems when i met my best friend, she inspired me greatly. i miss her so much!
Most of my poems as you will notice come from the obstacles i face and tied deeply to my emotions.

Jessica Iboy's Works:

I have no published book, but i am working on two books at the moment one is danger proximity and the other it ladykilla and im hoping they will get published. :) Updates

The Lonely Path

This lonely path i walk, i walk alone, for there is no one with me on this lonely path that leads to nowhere, i walk in the day when the birds are singing and i walk in the night when the birds are sleeping, for i wish i could sleep, but on this lonely path its oh so lonely, with no one here but me and these creatures of the night.

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