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Biography of Jessica Iboy

Im 17 years old, i'll be 18 in sept. i love to read and write. i lived in LA for most of my life but now i live in az. i started writing most of my poems when i met my best friend, she inspired me greatly. i miss her so much!
Most of my poems as you will notice come from the obstacles i face and tied deeply to my emotions.

Jessica Iboy's Works:

I have no published book, but i am working on two books at the moment one is danger proximity and the other it ladykilla and im hoping they will get published. :) Updates


The singe, the sting, the pain i bring,
I lurk in all the alley ways,
thinking back to decent days,
something I wish I could see soon,
like when the sun goes down and you see the moon,
It's not the same as it once was,
it sickens me, it does, it does,
this is why i am so mad,
this whole world is terribly bad.

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