Jessica Jackson

Rookie (April 1st / Pennsylvania)

Biography of Jessica Jackson

I'm Jes. A mother of a beautiful, eight year old daugther. Her name is Makayley. She is AMAZING! I am not married. I have never been married and I raise my daughter solely by myself.

I work in the advertising/marketing industry and have done so for the past 9 years. I LOVE what I do and enjoy the traveling that comes along with it.

I find the following words to be the best ways to describe me: very loving, confident, genuine, outgoing, outspoken, fun, honest, sincere, giving, goofy, focused, determined, professional, inpatient, meticulous and driven for success!

I really enjoy genuine, upbeat people who have a lot of drive in their life and care about others. I'm surrounded by people like that in my personal and professional life and that is very important to me. I used to give back to my community and to good causes from time to time, but most recently I have found it to be a passion of mine. I have my strong spiritual beliefs and I don't just visit with the good Lord only when times are difficult or on Christmas and Easter...just the opposite because I do this everyday.

I find myself constantly on the go. I'm always off trying to get everything marked off my 'things to do list'. The 'things to do list' is always something I carry in my purse and usually consists of things that have to be done for my daughter, for my job, for my dogs(Rexi and Sammy) , and for volunteering projects either in the community, at my church or at my daughter's school. I alway find enough time for pampering myself though. This hard-working girl deserves every second of it too. Updates

Blind & Dangerous

First, words on a screen~
Voice on the phone~
Deameanor across a table~
Leading to a future so unknown.

Confronting the depth of my soul~
With passion in his eyes~
Taking it all in~
But approving what were lies.

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