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I'm 16; I live in Australia; I'm a Christian; I like to think I'm really creative. I love this site! It's a great way to share poetry with people who are interested in the same thing - and a great way to get 'constructive critisism'. [I really appreciate comments! ! ]
I write about anything, really. Mostly my feelings and experiences. Sometimes, if I feel like it, I'll write something funny that has nothing to do with my life.

My encouragement goes to all those girls [my age] who wanna write what THEY think. You know you're talented, so.. WRITE! Updates

Whale Dance

You are growing old,
And your mind is aging too.
Your eyes are nearly closed,
And your moves are slowing, slowing...

But I still see the beauty
every time you show your dance,
For the ocean,
vast and blue.

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