Biography of Jessica Knight

Jessica Knight poet

Just looking to free my mind here a little bit.
I think growing up I was really in a loss for words, not knowing what direction to go...maybe going in all of them.
Did I find myself on the way? I couldn't tell you.
Am I still doing so? I might always be.

Just incase you were wondering what's going on in my head; It's pretty simple: writing (& the music that fuels it) , felines, the lowest blues, travel, art (art history) , film, tea, particular older eras, nostalgia, fashion, ghost stories, spiritual being (dream interpretation, meditation, paranormal) , achromatic wearables and photos.

I currently am a college student and model.
I am back and forth to England from Florida.
I am deciding what to do with school/occupations currently but my passion forever is writing. (Creatively)

Music- punk (anarcho, post, pop, crust, etc) , post-rock, new wave, grunge, ska, traditional/post hardcore, classical, psychedelic, experimental, classic rock, indie, avant-garde, big band/swing, oldies, psychobilly/rockabilly, gothic rock, electro, shoegaze, acoustic, chillwave, folk, math rock, alternative, blues, and so on. Updates