Jessica Lee Workman

Rookie (Janurary 2,1994 / born in Spokane Washington live in Post Falls Idaho)

Biography of Jessica Lee Workman

Jessica Lee Workman poet

i do lots of volunteer work im a caring love-in hopeful person, i love animals.I like to work with animals some times soon. I train cats to help people with a very bad illness to have cats save there life.I talk to animals.I love to walk.I love the quiet.I love to write.I would love to spend time with my family.I try hard in school I get good grades.and i am only 16 years old.I love to spend time with my great grandma as much as I can...I also love my dad very much even when i dont show that i do...same with my brother and just a little for my mom but i try hard to work with my family... Updates


Shayella is so sweet
In the times of need
We are always together
She made me responsible
She taught me lots of things
Shayella is sometimes funny
We even tear up from laughing so hard
Sometimes knowing Shayella is fearless
Then I make up my mind it makes me cry

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