Jessica Licklider

Biography of Jessica Licklider

im jessica and all the poems i write all deal with me in some way i hope to inspire those who can relate to me because i suffer from depression and have a done some stupid things in my life i have tried to do many thngs to help my self and writing poems is one of the main things that help me to deal with my depression i hope that these poems that i have written will help u come to understand things and if u ever want some help im here thou u may not no me i give out really good advise and i hope that i can help

PS i hope to help u with wat i have wrote Updates


one of the many things i miss
is how sweet the kiss

i cant stand us being apart
and now broken is my heart

u were an angel sent from above
one filled with only love

all i am now is prey
thanx to u my pages r fray

it all happened so fast
i dont no y i thought it would last

now all i am is broken

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