Jessica Lockhart

Jessica Lockhart Poems

1. Bathroom Troubles 6/7/2010
2. Everlasting Dream 6/7/2010
3. The Way The World Ended 4/25/2012
4. The World As We Know It 11/13/2012
5. A Rip In The Seam 11/15/2012
6. A Mother's Ballad 11/30/2013
7. Omnipotent 2/3/2014
8. Untitled 2/3/2014
9. Salvation 2/10/2014
10. Irony 2/18/2014
11. This Body 3/17/2014
12. Friendship 4/1/2014
13. Loneliness 4/4/2014
14. Fatal 4/8/2014
15. The Tempest 5/14/2014
16. Words 5/25/2014
17. Attatchment 6/13/2014
18. Bittersweet 9/6/2014
19. A Christmas Eve Carol 12/24/2016
20. A Humble Prayer 12/24/2016
21. On Being Vulnerable 11/23/2017
22. Gardens 12/22/2017
23. It's Quiet 12/22/2017
24. Consequences 3/18/2010
25. Too Afraid To Fly 2/10/2014
26. Fill The Void 9/6/2014
27. For Another Day 9/6/2014
28. Lazy Haiku 12/24/2016
29. Moving On 1/10/2017
30. She Never Won 6/15/2014
31. Let Me Be 1/1/2015
32. This Stupid Thing Called Love 2/18/2014
33. Cavity 3/14/2014
34. A Lesson On Fleeting Preservation 3/15/2014
35. Biggest Fear 1/28/2014
36. Everytime 4/10/2014
37. Tell Me Friend 4/3/2014
38. Poetry 3/31/2014
39. This House Now Silent 5/15/2014
40. Once In A Blue Moon 3/25/2014

Comments about Jessica Lockhart

  • Lucky Brown Lucky Brown (10/28/2014 1:19:00 AM)

    I've read most of your poems, fewer in words but much in understanding.thanks for your comments over my first poem, im still writing more

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  • Mark Hamilton (9/8/2014 2:52:00 PM)

    This is nice - succinct and sad.

  • Walter C. Edwards Walter C. Edwards (4/21/2014 6:57:00 PM)

    Very Sweet and a lovely poem about friendship.

  • Ashish Tyagi (4/1/2014 10:33:00 PM)

    i read few of your poems here. you really can say a lot in fewer words.
    and thanks for appreciating my first poem.

  • Juan Olivarez Juan Olivarez (4/22/2010 11:02:00 AM)

    i saw your name on my page so i am returning the courtesy. i must say i now know why you read my poems. you seem to think as i do that poetry needs to come together, and be worthy of yourself before you present it to others. young lady please write more you will do everyone a big favor. i read the pearl so many years ago that it is lost in the deep recesses of my mind, but obviously you are very young and very talented, God bless you, and keep on chunking.

Best Poem of Jessica Lockhart

Advice To Your Child

Advice to who?
Advice for you!
Heed the words I say,
for if you do my dear little one
you'll be mighty okay.

Advice to who?
Advice for you!
Don't grow up too fast,
for if you you do it will lead to many
things you'll miss in your past.

Advice to who?
Advice for you!
Now all I have left to say,
do your best and try your hardest,
I'll still love you either way.

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Bathroom Troubles

I went into the bathroom,
I really had to go.
I sat upon the toilet,
then, well, you know.
I then washed my hands
with the water turned on hot.
I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed
and wiped off all the spots.
After that I dried them off,

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