Rookie - 10 Points (APRIL 03,1975 / PHOENIX ARIZONA)



I am an open minded, very liberal, opinionated, brutally honest, woman who is not afraid to speak her mind., but always keeping in mind that there is a time and a place for everything. I consider my self to be of decent morals, I do not lie, I don’t steal. I believe that, I may not agree with what someone may be saying, but I will stand up for their right to say it. I am a violinist, a writer, a mom. and very soon to be a grandma. I have been told that I am ruthless at times, and often to others I seem untouchable, or maybe distant. I think I have even been called a snob a time or two. I don’t necessarily judge anyone unless they give me a reason to. You want to act like an idiot, in front of me. Then I will assume you are an idiot and wont waste my time, effort or energy on you. I am pro choice and pro life, I believe it should be up to the individual, not the government or a man. I believe that woman have got it rough right from the get go, and always have so much against them before they even began. But, I believe that we as woman can and do still rise above.
I am now coming close to writing the end of this book, “Such Is Life, - A Book Of Poetry. It has been a work in progess for quite a few years now. Each poem is an example of one moment in my life, things I have felt, things that I have known and things that I have believed.

It saddens me that my greatest inspiration, through it all, is no longer here with us. His name is Richard Frank Hepner, and he truly is The Greatest Man I Have Ever Known. He is one of the reasons I am here today, to see this book to an end. I love you Pop. Thank you for everything you are, and thank you for everything you have made me…

I would like to dedicate this book, first of all, to The Man Upstairs. Thank you God, for giving me the ability to express my self through words, and thank you, for the expirences that inspired these works. Second of all, I would like to thank my Kids, for also being the inspiration to this work, and for being the reason, I still go on living. And thirdly I would like to thank my boyfriend of 13 or so years now. No one has ever hurt me or loved me more than you have over the years, and I truly do thank you for that. Along with all the good and all the bad times, both of which have help make us the people we are today. I love you.



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