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Hi! Welcome to my page, I'm not very good at talking about myself, but here I go.

- I do suffer with Dyslexia, therefore spelling, grammar etc is a big issue for me.
- I also suffer with a heart condition known as a leaking aortic heart valve (genetic) and I have very low blood pressure, so I have to take tablets daily.
- I first started writing novels about 2 years ago, and my first poem about 1 year - 8 months ago.
- I live in the United Kingdom; proud to be British.
- I adore my horses and my profession, but I also love to write.

Well that's pretty much the basics covered for me aha, but I love to hear all kinds of feedback, so don't be afraid and drop a comment. I don't bite :)

Jessica Paige Davies's Works:

Wisemans Blood - on wattpad (First draft only, completed piece will available at a later date) Updates

A Small Something

Have you ever done something you shouldn't have?
Something that should have never come to pass?
I'm not talking about drugs or alcohol,
Or theft or crime.

I'm talking about something else,
Something much more.
A thing that should never see light,
Yet it's not a thing.

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