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Hi! Welcome to my page, I'm not very good at talking about myself, but here I go.

- I do suffer with Dyslexia, therefore spelling, grammar etc is a big issue for me.
- I also suffer with a heart condition known as a leaking aortic heart valve (genetic) and I have very low blood pressure, so I have to take tablets daily.
- I first started writing novels about 2 years ago, and my first poem about 1 year - 8 months ago.
- I live in the United Kingdom; proud to be British.
- I adore my horses and my profession, but I also love to write.

Well that's pretty much the basics covered for me aha, but I love to hear all kinds of feedback, so don't be afraid and drop a comment. I don't bite :)

Jessica Paige Davies's Works:

Wisemans Blood - on wattpad (First draft only, completed piece will available at a later date) Updates


I'm lonely.
They've all left me.
My friends and family,
All gone with happy faces.

What do you expect me to say with honesty?
You call me a genius,
A prodigy.
Nay that's all a lie.

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