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  • ''Charlie: Hey you! When do tryouts start?
    VolleyGirl: A couple of hours. AHHH!
    Charlie: Just work on conditioning!
    BigMike: Come over to my place, I'll help you stretch...
    VolleyGirl has PERMANENTLY BLOCKED messages from BigMike
    VolleyGirl: But what about my serve?
    Charlie: No time! Show coach ur the only one jumping in fifth set!
    VolleyGirl: Great advice! TY!
    Charlie: Good Luck! :)

    Charlie: So, how'd it go?
    VolleyGirl: Hi Charlie! I made the team! Did you get my picture?
    Charlie: I knew you would make it! And yes, you're gorgeous!
    VolleyGIrl: Where's mine Bozo?
    Charlie: I have a confession to make.
    VolleyGirl: WAT!
    Charlie: I'm really twenty. Sophomore at UC Berkeley. I said I was in high school because I didn't want to sound preachy giving you advice because I play college volleyball. Do you HATE me? ! ? : (
    VolleyGirl: No it's ok. I still like you. It was sweet of you to try 2 make me comfortable.
    Charlie: Ur awesome Annie. TTYL! Off to practice!

    Volleygirl: My brothers about to leave
    Charlie: Who's looking after you and k80?
    Volleygirl: My aunt Nicole. She's cool.
    Charlie: I think we should meet!
    Volleygirl: What? ! ? !
    Charlie: Just say yes and I'm there

    Texting walking down the escalator
    Annie: Hi! It's me again. Where are you? I'm sitting on a bench just outside
    CHarlie: Annie?
    Annie: Yes?
    Charlie: It's me. Charlie! Hey you! Look at you, you're gorgeous
    Annie: Is this a joke?
    Charlie: No! It's me! Charlie. Whats wrong?
    Annie: You're not twenty five.
    Charlie: Hey, don't get upset. Annie, please, just give me a chance.
    Annie: Why do you keep lying to me?
    Charlie: Because of this. I was afraid that you wouldn't be mature enough to understand. You made me think you could handle this, Annie. This is ridiculous. It's me. Charlie the same guy you've been talking to everyday for the last two months. I love you, Annie. And I don't get why age has to change that.

    Takes off clothes
    Annie: there, happy?
    Charlie: You look ridiculously sexy. C'mon, sit down.
    Charlie: Can I just...
    Annie: No Charlie, wait
    Charlie: it's ok
    Annie: Charlie
    Charlie: It's ok
    Annie: Charlie wait
    Charlie: I'm just taking these off. Hold still, Annie. I've got to take these off too. That's my girl. This is perfect

    Friend: Annie, what's wrong. That was him at the mall, wasn't it? Charlie? How old is he?
    Annie: Doesn't matter
    Friend: Oh my god
    Annie: We met up on Saturday. We had sex. Were in love. What's the big deal? There are girls at my school who have slept with half the football team. I lose my virginity and my parents make a federal case out of it.
    Friend: I think your parents are more worried you might have been in danger.
    Annie: Danger? That's because they don't know him. The thing is, I bet my dad would really like him if they had met you know, before

    Agent: Good new, we ran the DNA that was on her shirt. We found a match. There were three other rapes, reported. We were able to recover genetic material. The DNA profile is the same.
    Dad: So he's done this before?
    Annie: Well, he's had other girlfriends before
    Agent: These weren't girlfriends Annie. These were minors who reported rape. Annie, do you know this girl? She's from Cleveland. She's fifteen years old.
    Annie: no
    Agent: Now this is the Milwaukee case. The photo was taken a year ago. She's 14
    Annie: No
    Agent: Now this girl was assaulted in St. Louis 7 months ago, she's 12
    Annie: I don't know them

    Therapist: You want something to drink?
    Annie: There were other girls
    Therapist: What do you mean?
    Annie: Charlie. He had other girls.3 of them. Like me
    Therapist: You mean there were other victims?
    Annie: He said that I was special that I was the only one. But there were other girls. They weren't even that pretty
    Therapist: tell me why it matters
    Annie: Because they were just like me. He told me. He said I was pretty. What's wrong with me? He lied to me the way he lied to those other girls. He didn't love you. He lied so he could have sex with.
    Oh my god, he raped me. How could i have been so stupid! All he wanted... my god. All he wanted was... God I'm so sorry''
    David Schwimmer
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They say you must eat the fruit before it spoils
When you can take her hesitation and bury it back into the soil while she can still call you Daddy
Better snip her from the line before she's learning to count her bruises
Before she can smell statutory
Before she knows what a protest tastes like
When you can stub out her voice like cigarettes

You must spy and peel and pluck before the first freckle shadow of rot appears at the bus stop
His eyes drooling down my sixth grade thighs

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