Jessica Shehan

Rookie (01/26/97 / Kansas City, Kansas)

Biography of Jessica Shehan

my name is jessica shehan i am 15 and i am in love with my best friend who i hope we'll be dating soon! XD i want to be a writer, actor, singer, and more.
i was molested at age nine by my uncle roney, i don't believe in hate or perfections. i try not to judge people.
i write poems about what i go through and i love everyone. just please no negative comments! ! i'll delet them fair warning! Updates

Do You Even Love Me

i heard what you said to her
i really try hard not to cry
you say it was the past
but do you even love me
you seem to get annoyed by me
you say i love you
but you never swear that you are right
i know that you do the best not to lie
but it hurts what you are not saying'

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