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The Void

Inside myself I'm all alone
This girl has been spared no storm
The pain is often too great to bear
Yet in the lonliness I am aware
I have a void deep down inside
And I fear it's growing wide
Will I ever feel some bliss?
Can pain be removed from the emotional list?
This emptiness that I endure
Over and over again it returns
Always I'm the only one there
When my emotions reach a deep despair
An overwhelming feeling of beind trapped
My exit has yet to be mapped
So where will I go from here?
I'll overpower my undying fear.

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Without You

Thank you God for saving me
My life is a blessing I can see
The road I took was full of holes
But, then you helped my poor soul
I’ve found a place where I belong
I understand where life went wrong
Once again I can feel the power
You mercy and grace as my bower
The faith I felt when I was low