Jessica Veksler

Rookie (May 28,1991 / Memphis, Tennessee)

Biography of Jessica Veksler

My name is Jessica Veksler. I am 15 years old and an aspiring writer. I have written many poems, all of which will be up soon. I have also written my first book titled The White Letter. I'm hoping to get it publish soon, so check it out if you hear about it. My poem The Greatest Day was published in the book A Surrender to the Moon (it's on the first page!) Check out some of my poems if you feel like it. Updates

What Death Brings

I think of death and what it brings-
Sadness, tears, lonely feelings.
But then I ask myself, “Why? ”
Why do we dread the great goodbye?
Because the faces of those lost
Will never surface from beneath their cross?
Or is it because of the emptiness;
Living without the one you most miss?
Maybe it’s the words that you forgot

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