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Hey um im jess, im only 15 but i can write poems, i have alot of my poems on my bebo page and you can check them out if you want http: //
i dont steal poems off people, they all come from outta my own mind so yeah! i started writing poems about 4 years ago, but the first year most of them were pretty stupid but i didnt give up! so im gona be publishing more poems on this site, and i hope you read them and enjoy! p.s most of them about love but im gona try for a new topic very soon!

Jessica Wenden's Works:

no books lol, not professional yet! sorry Updates

Perfect Crime

Frozen heart is beating, i look into your eyes,
something keeps telling me this world is filled with lies,
My mind is telling me to move on, my heart is saying wait,
its like im swimming in the water, and you are the bait,
i cant resist you once or twice, i cant resist you at all,
your the only one who will keep me from the fall,
knowing you dont love me, makes me just wana be dead,
there i just told the truth, there you go its almost said!
I do love you, that is true, and all i

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