jessie cardona

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Biography of jessie cardona

i love write poetry
it let me tell my stories and thinks i view on love, hate, and problem
and to let other know i am a somebody in this giant world for there are boys and girls that treat me and other like a piece of shit so in my poem i let them know i can kick there but but with words. that hurt more then anything for it writen and can't be earse.

jessie cardona's Works:

no for i am to young but as i grow and get better in my skills you will see my book so look out for me JESSIE CARDONA Updates

Only One

For her love is something she didn't understand
for it was to hard to comprehend
so she promise herself to never fall in love
this made her hate love songs
and she never keep a man for long

then she saw the man
that made her say i can
love once more with all her heart

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