Jessie Jett

Rookie - 3 Points (12/31/1989 / Maryland)

Biography of Jessie Jett

Jessie Jett poet

To all these things,
My words escape.
In this ink,
and to relate.
In this ink,
another dying pen too.
Is this how it gets to you?
Let it out, or do not part.
In this ink,
Make a mark.
To all these things,
there is no start.
To where begin,
escapes within.
All this ink, pours.
Letting it out,
Till there is no more.

-INK (J.J) Updates

Lying In Blank Pages

What to say, what to say
lost with words
like every given day.
Words to you...
Unspoken, unknown.
Can't stop, won't stop,
thinking on the way home.

Blank pages, empty mind.

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