Jesus Chameleon

Rookie [Jesus Chameleon] (December 22,1973)

Biography of Jesus Chameleon

Jesus Chameleon is a new, an American, and a Catholic poet who has been reviewed by the Poetry Society of America (PSA) and the Academy of American Poets. This Catholic author's first book of unpublished poetry entitled, Friending (A Collection of Poems) was accepted for consideration, but did not win one of the 2011 PSA National Chapbook Fellowships, a prestigious annual PSA poetry competition. The official Facebook page for Jesus Chameleon is at https: // and the official Twitter account for Jesus Chameleon may be found at

Jesus Chameleon's Works:

'Ode to a Christian Friend at Dedication' (Published, Anthology) 'Candles, ' & 'X-mas in Hagatna (The Old Chamoru Way) ' (Self-Published, Website) , by this poet, are individual poems that have garnered some serious attention! Friending (A Collection of Poems) , however, has yet to be published. Updates

'All Saints (Reprise) '

For me do pray for
When leaves fall to Him for me
Holy one to God

To Him leaves fall
To Mr. God, to the Saints

Praying to Our God
The leaves fall all autumn long
To Him through the Saints

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