Jesus James Llorico

Jesus James Llorico Poems

81. Going To Dubai 6/13/2016
82. Grave (Haiku) 11/1/2015
83. Graveyard (Haiku) 10/31/2015
84. Greater Love 9/30/2016
85. Grief (A Tribute) 4/24/2013
86. Grief (Naani Poetry) 9/23/2014
87. Guimaras From Afar (Naani) 7/5/2016
88. Guimaras Island 5/22/2016
89. Guimaras Island At Night 6/7/2016
90. Haiku (The Moon, Trees And Stars) 3/15/2016
91. Harmony (Haiku) 3/19/2016
92. Heart (Crystalline Poem) 2/28/2016
93. Hearts (Naani Poetry) 9/10/2014
94. High School Reunion (Namei) 12/12/2016
95. His Poems Are Silent 5/3/2017
96. Holding Hands 3/12/2016
97. Home (Haiku) 12/25/2015
98. How Beautiful That Night 4/20/2017
99. How I Write Poetry 11/28/2016
100. I Can Feel Your Love 8/21/2014
101. I Can Hear The Rain 5/26/2016
102. I Dream (Naani Poetry) 8/2/2014
103. I Have Loved You (Naani) 6/6/2016
104. I Just Imagined 5/4/2016
105. I Keep On Writing (Tanka) 11/19/2016
106. I Like To Forget 11/5/2016
107. I Need You 4/27/2017
108. I Really Wish 8/7/2014
109. I Saw You 9/10/2013
110. I See A Feather Floating By 11/26/2016
111. I See The Moon (Naani) 5/20/2016
112. I Stand Alone 8/16/2014
113. I Still Remember 6/1/2016
114. I Tried To Find You 4/22/2016
115. I Wake Up In The Afternoon -new- 6/15/2017
116. I Want To Go Back 4/25/2017
117. I Want To Say Something 12/15/2016
118. I Went For A Walk 4/24/2017
119. I Will Never Know 11/1/2016
120. I Will Soon Be Forgotten 8/6/2014
Best Poem of Jesus James Llorico

Clear Blue Sky

Oh! It feels so nice to watch
This crystal clear blue sky
As my heart seems up a notch
To see a view this high...

This moment I'd like to see
Feeling refreshed anew
A time I most want it be
To gaze this sky with you...

In dreams I hope you will come
So I can tell you why
Of how deep in love I am
With you my dearest one...

As you look up in the sky
And if it makes you smile
Same I see here with my eyes
Though far, a thousand miles!

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A Few Seconds

It was a scene, I remember well
As we wait in school, for the bell
You sat with friends in the hallway
Talking and giggling all the way

It started well with a simple stare
A smile so sweet and full of care
And it was a look that says it all
For it melt my heart and my soul

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