Jesus James Llorico

Jesus James Llorico Poems

161. The End Of Life (Haiku) 11/1/2015
162. Lady Of The Night 11/2/2015
163. Beautiful Girl 11/2/2015
164. A Walk In The Park 11/5/2015
165. A Gentle Walk 11/7/2015
166. Letters 11/10/2015
167. When I Became A Part 11/12/2015
168. The Best I Have Ever Seen 11/13/2015
169. The Night Is Long 11/14/2015
170. The Sun (Haiku) 11/15/2015
171. Love Like An Evening Sky 11/18/2015
172. Christmas (Haiku) 11/21/2015
173. Taking My Time 11/23/2015
174. Two Hearts (Haiku) 11/26/2015
175. Real Love 11/28/2015
176. The Stars (Haiku) 11/30/2015
177. The Skies (Haiku) 12/1/2015
178. My Heart Remembers 12/1/2015
179. The Love Of Yesterday 12/2/2015
180. My Heart Like A Tree 12/4/2015
181. Young Women (Lds) 12/19/2015
182. So Many Poems (Haiku) 12/20/2015
183. Christmas 2015 12/8/2015
184. Iloilo The City Of Love 5/24/2016
185. Tonight Overlooking Guimaras 5/26/2016
186. I Can Hear The Rain 5/26/2016
187. X-Tawag Sa Pag-Ibig Na Nakaraan 5/28/2016
188. When I Get Old (Tanka) 5/29/2016
189. If I Look Above 5/30/2016
190. I Still Remember 6/1/2016
191. Lagi Pa Rin Naaalala 6/1/2016
192. Getting Old (Haiku) 6/2/2016
193. Symbol Of Dream 6/3/2016
194. I Have Loved You (Naani) 6/6/2016
195. Moving In Silence (Tanka) 6/6/2016
196. Guimaras Island At Night 6/7/2016
197. Pump Boat To Guimaras Island 6/8/2016
198. Part Of A Song 6/9/2016
199. Light Of Dawn (Haiku) 6/10/2016
200. Dreams So Lovely 1/6/2016
Best Poem of Jesus James Llorico

Clear Blue Sky

Oh! It feels so nice to watch
This crystal clear blue sky
As my heart seems up a notch
To see a view this high...

This moment I'd like to see
Feeling refreshed anew
A time I most want it be
To gaze this sky with you...

In dreams I hope you will come
So I can tell you why
Of how deep in love I am
With you my dearest one...

As you look up in the sky
And if it makes you smile
Same I see here with my eyes
Though far, a thousand miles!

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A Desert Life

As I watched the sunset in this land
And fading lights dims the desert sand
A time my memory seems so right
To think of my love one's out of sight

In the vastness of this ancient land
Like flaming dots of red in the sand
I miss the busy streets, city lights
The traffic jams and those hurried life

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