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I am student that opposes many things that I've experience. Though my experiences did not make sense at that time; I have begun to understand bits of it: little by little. I have a tremendous desire to leap to the unknown. I am living to understand what can I do to improve myself. I have great satisfaction when I write in my notebook on cool summer days. I am fond of reading books that takes countless seconds to find. I managed to teach myself how to play the piano, and even though, It was a challenge: I succeeded. I would like to go snowboarding, river rafting, and snorkeling; I have tried zip lining, camping, paint balling, quad racing, boogie boarding, and etc. Doing these kind of activities gives me a sense of enjoyment of life. I have moved to numerous places since I was a child. I am quite inclined to some places more than others, but that does not stop me to see the other side of the barbed wired fence. My goals consist of helping another, acculturating, learning a different language, traveling, getting more tattoos, etc. My aspirations grow everyday. I am pursing the biomedical engineer dream. Updates


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